Biden Support Continues to Crater Among Gen Z and Millenials – PJ Media

Young voters are abandoning Joe Biden in worrying numbers for the Democrats, especially when it comes to supporting Israel. The most recent NBC poll found 70% of 18-24-year-old voters disapprove of Biden’s handling of the war.

The Israel-Hamas war is beginning to be a drag on Biden’s re-election chances. What he can do to reverse the decline is a subject pf intense debate in the Biden camp.

Some “experts,” according to the Washington Post, say that the younger voters are turned off to the “far-right politics” of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In fact, the explanation is far simpler; a lack of skepticism about news coming from Gaza and the inability of Gen-Zers to differentiate between news and propaganda.

“After what’s happening right now in the Middle East, it’s a very difficult decision for people from my background who we’re going to be voting for,” said Humza Irfan, who is Pakistani American and said a relative was killed last month in an apparent Israeli strike.

Gen Z and millennial voters are expected to make up nearly 40 percent of the electorate in 2024 and have already flexed their influence on elections. They helped flip…

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